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Thread: Existential Question: Does Insanity Really Fix Bugs

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    Default Existential Question: Does Insanity Really Fix Bugs

    In this video, ladies and gentlemen, you can see the new SR map that was implemented to prevent mobs from bugging into walls
    but guess what? SR mobs don't care, they'll bug anyway!

    Welp SR isn't completely empty of walls, there are still walls that surround the room and SR mobs would LOVE to go bug there as well

    One of the suggestions about SR was to make it longer and harder , but Mr. @Madhatter changes the map and halves the time u need to finish SR
    so the 5 min grace period is now long enough to do a whole SR run from scratch +1 @Hyper

    And what about when the winning guild's leader leaves SR, during the grace period, AFTER they won and the guild still drops out??? +1 @Hyper

    + Rudras are NOT gonna drop during the grace period, right? Wrong, we just dropped 3 Rudras after the other guild won +1 @Hyper ((you might wanna go back to your bs alchemy project cuz u just made shitty SR even shittier))

    Current patch=remove walls, next patch=remove mobs and just put 2 bosses and increase grace period by another 5mins sounds good ja

    Only PvE endgame content on this server is 8 min a day, 3 times a week. Totally worth investing in

    Let's see now if our devs just cry about this again or if they finally start listening to people who play this shit SR for almost a year now.
    It's not like we don't give any feedback , we've been doing that for months now but no one cares

    Well at least the game isn't shouting GM Buffs every 5 min

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    Default Re: Existential Question: Does Insanity Really Fix Bugs

    So nice how 1 mob still ruins a whole run

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    Default Re: Existential Question: Does Insanity Really Fix Bugs

    if you have suggestion/feedback please keep it to the post

    I'll be re-doing the map so you dont need to cry.

    You can post bug reports via ticket system.



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