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Thread: Patch Notes 8.1.18

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    Default Patch Notes 8.1.18


    *Disabled the Xmas Map and deleated the Xmas Blinks.
    *Reverted Flaris and Saintmorning maps/
    *The Xmas NPCS are ONLY available in Saint Morning and will be removed next patch to allow you time to trade any remaining Xmas Snow Flakes/Balls you have remaning and finnish any quests. (at this time any quest items and Xmas Currencys will be deleated)

    Balance Changes:-
    Removed +1GB from 200IP CS Set and Trin Sets, Trin Sets still have +1.
    ReworkedCrystal Upgrading Stats:

    Crystal +5:
    PvE + 15%
    Giftbox +1
    Crystal +8
    All Stat +30
    Crystal +12
    PvP Absorb +10%
    Crystal +16
    Hp +30%
    Speed +10%
    Crystal +20
    PvP +25%
    PvE +10%
    All Stat +30

    Other Changes:-

    *Fixed a bug where Scroll of Craftsman Wisdom could be used on armor with no effect
    *Updated All stat on weapon leveling to show All Stat instead on each stat individually
    *Improved the way the games displays effects on items:

    *Changed Safe spots of crystal upgrading from 4/8/12/15 to 4/8/12/16

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    Default Re: Patch Notes 8.1.18

    Regarding the latest patch' Crystal changes; I somehow somewhere missed out the 50 STA in the process. This should be fixed in the next couple days!
    +50 STA will be back bb.

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