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Thread: Event Ideas.

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    Default Event Ideas.

    Hello, today i've been requested to post these 2 new " Intresting " event ideas to put a nice spin to events and players to find it more " worth it " to join events.

    Idea #1

    Arena FFA Also known as Last man standing event.
    This event would be happening S3 Arena and basicly everyone would enter inside arena and GM would do countdown, once countdown done it comes down to whoever dsnt die and is last one alive wins if someone who has died re-enters inside the arena GM would make clear this is big no no no!

    Prizes would be based on how many players join and how GM feels like prizing should be based.

    Idea #2

    Difficulty based Hide 'n' Seek
    Players would get to choose difficulty level as This would be an intresting new way to host Hide 'n' seek by basing their difficulty and rewards.

    Easy difficulty

    would come with 3 Hints max and Prize would be like lower than other difficultys due to its easy.

    Medium difficulty

    would come with 2 hints max and Prize would be like little bit higher than easy difficulty due its harder.

    Hard Difficulty

    would come with 1 hints max and Prize would be like higher than Easy or Normal due its harder.

    Master Difficulty

    This would be based on Riddle or only Island name lets say you're hiding in Darkon 1
    Hint would say: Three leg one crane what am i? Location would be: Darkon 1 Garbagepiders
    2nd Hint example: Flaris. just plain simple hint.
    Master Difficulty would offer the highest reward.

    Idea #3

    1000-5000 Health point monster that everyone would only hit 1's and The monster would obviously hit 1's on any level and Player that gets final blow wins

    Prize would be based on how many participates on the event
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    Default Re: Event Ideas.

    Idea #1: Sounds like alot of fun for new players? Only end-game geared people would stand a chance.

    Idea #2: Isn't this bassicly how hide and seek works already? If people can't find you, more hints get released.

    Idea #3: Impossible to tell who hit the last hit i guess.
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    Default Re: Event Ideas.

    Idea #1: i think that's already existing hahaha, i've tried FFA before and the gm's hosted it in pvp map, which is more easier to handle because when you die, you can't go back to the place anymore and gm's will teleport you to the place if you said you wanted to join that round. and every round consists of 10 people i guess haha x)

    Idea #2: idk how people can choose the difficulty level tho :3 since i think the last and final word comes from the host lol

    Idea #3: yeah it'd be hard to determine who got the final blow lmfao

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    Default Re: Event Ideas.

    #1: Okay but people with end game gear will destroy all newbies.

    #2: Unnecessary in my opinion. Not to mention that someone might guess correctly the location in the first tip in all ocasions... so there's not an easy way to determine what's easy and hard.

    #3: You can send a drop directly into the killer's inventory. To prove it he/she would just trade a staff member the said item. I don't think that's funny but hey, I'm an old-spirited guy so if that's funny for most of players, why not...

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    Default Re: Event Ideas.

    1: Isn't this just like a PVP Map event? In other words a siege war? I don't see why there has to be another one in addition to that. Also, like others have been saying, people with endgame gear will demolish whoever enters. That's certain.

    2: Like @Red stated, I find this unnecessary. This is because when they do an event, I feel as though it's already challenging enough at the start. Also, I think the key is that some hints should just be left more difficult than others. That way everyone has a chance. I think that would work better than having different "difficulties."

    3: Like everyone has been saying... How would it be known who the killer was? As people have suggested above, having a system where the item might as well drop, and it be designated for the player that killed the monster, would be better. Not to mention, the killer would have access to picking it up with their pet.

    I'm torn right now. I'm going to say -1. Not saying this isn't a good suggestion, but I think we all need a little more clarification.
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