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Thread: Force Master For Boss Hunting.

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    Default Re: Force Master For Boss Hunting

    Quote Originally Posted by imnoellim View Post
    Like I said earlier buying tenshi set would be a waste of time and money, better go straight with the pve monk set the stat effect is way better and is meant really for PvE.
    Better farm your butt off at amnesia/forgotten island with an arcanist/menta then start buying those stuff little by little: 200ip stated set, monk set, leos acce set, male fist and shield.
    Those items would cost around 600-700perins in total I think. Tenshi set became crap after the PvE sets came out. Sure thats possible for guys with end game gears, but with those gears I've recommended "maybe" the best you can reach probably around 3-6mil. Thats how it is, you either start from the bottom or you gonna pay real cash like some people do.

    200ip Stated set is at the Item Mall>Statted CS>Statted Base Set.
    Quote Originally Posted by VoteSpam View Post
    -ofc trins are expensive. that's why they're end game gears. rather go Monk + Malef if you just want to BH
    -Jewelreis are worth 130P-150p / set
    -you can probably reach 20m dmg if you have about 100k base attack & 1k adoch (not sure cuz I main slayer.)
    and have 3m HP if you got some Sta and HP% + all prems + grilled eal bug. you'll get most of your stats from the x2 all stats crafts on shield.
    -You can only buy those 200IP stated set from other players if not via item mall.
    how much that monk would cost?
    male fist and shield i'll buy from im.
    leos set thank lord doesnt seem that expensive.

    didnt understand that: "if you got some Sta and HP% + all prems + grilled eal bug"

    so to be able to boss hunt i need 3m hp, 1k base atk bonus right? ank 1k adoch?
    anything else?

    edit: that 200ip set is ugly as shit, and i'v never saw anyone wearing it.
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    Default Re: Force Master For Boss Hunting.

    About item pricing you can check it yourself at the market really. Since you already asked a clean monk parts usually cost 40p above.
    If you got IPs, its preferably to sell it to people rather than buying those male fist and shield at the item mall.
    You can earn more perin when you sell those IPs and buy stuff using perins. 50IP is 40P, 100IP is 80P, and so on you do the math.
    Sometimes you can buy Male fist with decent cards and runes already for only 50-100perin alot cheaper if you buy ready-made stuffs.
    Leos and 200ip set cost the same around 150-160p. Yes its ugly but you can just item transmute it on buff pang to change its appearance.
    Not really 3m, for the meantime aim to reach even just 1m-1.5m but still hard to new player to reach that much hp.
    Try to get 40% adoch in all parts of you items including buff/stat pets.

    Theres a thing called grilled eel bug: Use restat and put all stats to Stamina, then use a grilled eel bought from redchip shop, then restat to your desired stats.
    You will notice the difference of your hp from before doing the bug. But once the grilled eel runs out you need to do it all over again.

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