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    Default Harlequin questions

    Hi guys, I'm just wondering whether do I need 100% hitrate for successfully hit a Hit of Penya at pvp? And if someone would be able to give some pro advice about pvp harlequins. I saw a guide about harlequin and its kinda hard to read and bit outdated. Like item gears, if its possible to have mix hp/sta and str/ia at the same time because I find it hard to switch gears. Like how much atk power do I need to have a decent dmg of HOP, atm I just put all stats to str. my yoyo is just malefic+20 and max lvl all stat or is x2 str better in terms of pvp? I also have pvp ancient runes on it. And I notice I cast HOP too slow, do I need DCT? My DCT is just 20% atm. I also got trin set with str/ia awakes. I just want to ask for some advice to have better dmg at the same time fair hp to survive few hits but not those asura skills. And about special yoyo mastery -90% hp is it worth using? Thank you for awesome pros thats gonna answer all my question hopefully lol.
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