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Thread: InsanityFlyff Easter Contest!

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    Default Re: InsanityFlyff Easter Contest!



    He jump with the fireflies
    eagerly shaking his best
    caring for no one
    while doing her best

    He is small and fluffy
    has a habit that is funny
    tooth that is alluring
    can eat a carrot merrily

    Oh! mister bunny
    You look sweet and very funny
    I can't stop but just to stare,
    Even if it's unfair.

    Happy Easter Mr.Bunny!
    I come again, how do you do?
    As I could see you, doing your best.
    I could walk now, to come for you.

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    Default Re: InsanityFlyff Easter Contest!



    A Beautiful Day

    I open my eyes
    To see a sky so bright
    The fresh scent of sweets
    Drifts through the air
    My smile is so wide
    It's a beautiful day!

    I ask my mama,"Is today the day?"
    She smiles at me
    That sweet sweet smile
    She pats my head
    And say,
    "Yes my child! Today is the day!"
    I shout in joy because surely
    It's a beautiful day!

    I leave the house
    With a basket in hand
    I hunt for my Easter eggs
    And play with my friends
    My basket is quickly filled
    I'm having so much fun
    I know for sure
    It's a beautiful day!

    The sun has set
    I arrive home late
    My mama embraces me
    She asks,
    "My child, where have you been?"
    I sigh happily and say,
    "It's a beautiful day!"

    She leads me inside
    And changes my clothes
    She kisses my nose and say,
    "Today is the day, we have fun and laugh.
    Easter eggs & chocolates are always the best
    But always remember, today is the day.
    Jesus our savior, has come back today
    And forever he will save us all."

    As I lay in bed,
    I close my eyes
    I whisper to the stars
    As I thought of the Lord,
    "Thank you Lord for this beautiful day."

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    Default Re: InsanityFlyff Easter Contest!

    This is all I could do, can't afford some bunny dress and stuffs for I'm still new. <3
    The message of the picture is that, they're a family and the light has been cast to the woman as she is carrying a child to be born. Eggs are just props. XD

    The poem is entitled "A speck of life" inspired by Easter and how He gave His life for us sinners to be forgiven. A free verse poem I made.

    A speck of life

    That day, remembered to be,
    The first sight of our eyes to see,
    That time where we saw the wonders that light,
    That day, when we were found as a speck of life.

    No matter how the differences there are,
    Raging through nothingness they melt.
    The color of our skin, the light from our eyes,
    The stereotyping of this society, the rights of each man lies.
    Political Views and beliefs, religious thoughts we believe,
    Will not matter as society is to mankind,
    And mankind is to society.

    Religious beliefs are turning stones,
    But on this day is where stories unfold.
    Difference of our religion won't matter,
    For on that day, we all still wear the same dress.
    As we would be all the signifcant other,
    The things Jesus has done still is to address.

    On this day we celebrate life,
    On this time, living is our right.
    For the forgiveness of sins, for the celebration of His life,
    The one who made it loved in all perspective.
    May be from the eyes of the innocent or the once shrouded in guilt.

    Upon death has eternal life, and eternal life we believe.
    It was Him who turned darkness into day
    For we all need the brightest time when it's dark.
    With eyes to see all the goodness of life I say.
    This is the day where we celebrate life on its mark.
    And on this day, is where we all turn to one.

    That would be all, Thank you for reading and cheers. <3

    Weis <3
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    Default Re: InsanityFlyff Easter Contest!


    -Easter Adronitis Blues-

    Alex awoke to the screeching light of morning
    As the thin layer of joy appeared to be breaking
    Be gone, spring cheer!, be gone with easter here!
    Eggs of every color; rabbits hippity hopping upon his precious moor
    When suddenly a knock came from the man’s front door
    Leave me be! Shouts Alex, irritated
    (a knock once more)
    Hesitant and agitated, he swings the door open
    Only to be greeted by a fair woman, claiming happy easter to all
    Annoyed, Alex slams the door on her face
    Without remorse nor stall

    Moments later, a shift in the room startles him beyond wit
    What has become of me?!?! , Alex cries emptily
    No day be more grim! He thinks silently
    Just as thy previous woman reveals herself within a majestic light
    What smell?, What height?, What is this new sight?
    Fear not! The woman says, For i am the Easter Queen!
    But do know, your hatred....
    Has caused this curse, placed out of plight
    (An embryo appears, colorful and bright)
    The egg you see before you, shalt not be harmed
    Not emptied nor painted
    Nor cracked or scarred
    Til’ piercing night shines through moonlight’s shard
    Fate behold, a bunny forever?
    Tis’ is yours to pick.
    Only if the pressure dare not make thou sick
    So there be hope for me yet? Alex questioned
    -Learn to care for the egg and truly see easter, the Queen stated
    Then, your curse shall be lifted
    If I must, then so be it, Queen Easter, Alex replied bitterly
    -Farewell and good wishes, the Queen says as she fades into the light

    Hark!, there be the sound of skid!
    That egg shifted, I swear it did!
    Onto pavement, bend the grass, over the hill it tumbles fast
    Alex sprang ahead at last!
    Safe and sound, all around it seems;
    But wait, it slips!, it hops!, it skipps!
    Quick bunny, quick!, capture the egg!
    Just before it rams sir Greg!

    Behold, the egg lands upon safe hands!
    Alex crawls down the town;
    He finds a tarp to hold the egg- a bargain
    (it shall not escape again!)

    He makes his way back on home
    But see, the man’s care has grown!
    It’s passion, the Queen knows the man has shown
    Silent, patient, he shall not quake
    Hold in the tears, for heaven’s sake
    Alex stares at the egg in awe
    He wondered, how could an egg bring hope to all?
    Crick, crack, the egg flips open fast
    But why, he thinks as he beholds a fluffy mast
    Chirp and tweet, it hops to it’s feet
    It’s golden and young, it’s beauty so sweet
    Defeated and immensed, Alex sheds a tear

    Is that joy he bear?
    Out of pure heart and care?
    Soon the queen shall appear.
    Well done! Dear Alex, the Queen of Easter exclaims
    What do i owe the pleasure of your light?, asks Alex
    -I have come to view this amazing sight she says
    Hold fast to your unwavering might
    And nay it be time for passing night!
    (The queen hands him a charm)
    This time there be no need for alarm
    Be joyful, Alex, for I wish you no harm
    As was promised, you may be human at once
    But might you need any help, there we are
    In spring, in birth, and all lively hearth
    Never disregard a rabbit’s true power
    Of hope’s and happiness’s beautiful shower

    Difficult yet astonishing, life goes on
    It is rabbits who understand it’s hearty bright song
    And let them remind us to be gentle and kind
    For who knows what precious treasure you’ll find?

    P.S. special thanks to a friend ;)
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    Default Re: InsanityFlyff Easter Contest!

    The event is over, the winners will be chosen by a jury, which is composed of insanity staff members.
    The results will be announced within 72 hours.
    Unfortunately those entries that are incomplete cannot participate. Some are missing the screenshot and other the poem.
    Good Luck guys


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