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Thread: Event Ideas

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    Default Event Ideas

    Maybe you're bored of the same events, even if I try to be varied, and you are tired of Hide & Seek, Sit @ GM event and other by whisper. Then we have added this section and you can post your ideas, post here what kind of event you like to add apart of the ones I've done lately :)

    List of Events already done

    Whisper Events Other Events
    Questions and Answers Fashion Event
    Scrambled Words Race to GM
    Fast Hands Vagrant Clash
    Quick Minds Catch the GM
    Guess the Song Bring me the item + Hide and Seek
    Guess the Movie Capture the Base
    Guess the Giant Simon Says
    Guess the Monster Scavenger Hunt
    Guess the NPC Find the NPC
    Guess The Outfit Hunt the panda (pvp)
    Words Math Math race
    Words Backwards Rock-Paper-Scissors
    Fill in the blanks Awake Event
    Unscramble the sentence/word
    Maths Event
    Hidden word
    Unscramble the Anime
    Unscramble the Movie name

    Do you have any new event suggestions? Post them here!
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    Default Re: Event Ideas

    I wanted to suggest this kind of event, cause first of all, I want everyone could participate and not only based on luck/fast hands, I wanted it to be based on their skills and judgement.

    Why not make a PVP based event, where characters gets to battle either 1 v 1, 5 v 5 or a whole group.

    What makes it different from Siege or Arena?

    Items. Instead of using their own items, GMs will give them a gear to use and a limited number of prems on their disposal.

    They will give them 5minutes to change stats, prepare the skills and prem up(for whatever prems the GMs give)

    What I think makes this event kinda hard to do is:

    1) The items loaned to them. I'm still not sure how far a GMs control ingame can do, if a GM can withdraw the items from the players without trading them(if it is possible) then they can simply take it back from them. IF GMs CAN NOT take back the items, I suggest for it to have a timer, something like the starter gear but they only have 10mins, so they will wear out eventually(or they can be deleted). But I'm sure this will be some added work towards the devs so I don't think this is plausible.

    2) Gear, ofc some will try to use their Trins/Jewelries at least, but I suggest here, if GMs can see the inventory, I suggest that before joining the said event, players must jump in naked, no items equipped, no items in inventory

    3) The amount of players joining in. Obviously, in any event a GM hosts, there are tons of players joining in. Either be it a Hide and Sit/Seek. Scrambled words, even PVP Hunting. What else is this event will be pleasing to both end game players and even newbies since they don't need any gear to participate. And it will be hard to control such a mass, unless the GMs are up to it(well they could do it once a month and can be supervised by a lot of GMs

    There will be more problems in this event, but I can see it as a fun event. Cause mainly, people who play in Insanity mostly wanted to jump in to PVP(like me) but are either too broke/poor that we still need to grind endlessly. Some players give up midway some really worked their asses off. But this will be a good event as everyone can participate and at least they can "feel" the PVP most end game players experience. While some maybe see this "meh" but I'm pretty sure there are tons who would want this to happen.

    Again, I hope you guys can consider this, I know this is not an easy task for you guys to do, and I know you GMs and Devs have more important things to do but one day I would want to see this implemented.

    Sincerely yours,
    A noob slayer :3
    Femme Fatale

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