1. What is your name?
Ruff Jarreau Etcobanez
29 years old.

To excel and step up in a career that enables me to utilize and master my education and skills, at the same time acquaint myself with new techniques and information that will aid my growth and allow me to contribute to the company.

2. Your in-game name if you have one.

3. How long you have been playing this server for and if you have played any other servers or games. // any kind of GM experience etc.
Experience on this server is just a week but playing different Flyff server for 7 years.
FFA, Flyff Magma, Blizzard Entertainment Games since the 90's.

GM Experience
Operations Executive/ Gaming Analyst or (Commonly known as Game Masters)
Jagex Games Studio
RuneScape 3 and Runescape Old School
September 2, 2013 until July 25, 2014

• Worldwide support.
• Assisting player’s inquiry in recovering account/ forgot password/ verifying the account owner.
• Processing customer’s password reset by making sure that we are granting the account to the rightful owner.
• Securing the account to prevent hackers/ hijackers to get in to the account.
• Reading the chat transcript of the reported players by making sure that they are not breaking any rules of the game.
• Reading the chat transcript of the reported players by making sure they are not harming the real world community and to prevent school shooting.
• If the players are harming their lives, the real world community or planning for a school shooting, we will be calling the main office so this case will be escalated to the local police.
• Driving tickets, emails, and web interface to focus on maintaining and expanding business relationships/market share with existing and new customers.
• Assisting other team and friends to have their issue be fixed.
• Reporting New Issues or bugs to my Supervisor to have the problem fix.
• Organizes internal/external resources in response to customer needs.

4. What is your timezone + country & how often can you be online?
Country: Philippines
Timezone: UTC+08:00
Online: Approximately 6hours to 12hours

5. Tell us something about yourself.
I'm a Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. loyalist, playing the game since the 90's. yeah im that old, i also have a real life job but i give time in my social life which is playing games. I work as a Real Estate Agent in the Philippines and this game is part of my relaxation, approx 8hours to 12hours per day. So no need for me to do corrupt things in this game coz i earn in real life. And as an Admin/ Game Mod in Jagex, its a must to follow company protocols and its already on my blood to follow such protocol plus my age tells.

6. You need to be good in working in a team and keep us informed for going away for a while or anything that we need to know that affect your activity.
Well, since I work as a Real Estate Agent, every month I work for straight 15days or 10days and the rest 15days of the month is my own time which I spend time looking for clients and most of it is done through playing games or socializing through digital world. I also do freelance graphic designing and traditional arts.

7. Can you be strict in doing your job? (example: if someone begs, you know how to warn them and point out the rules)
Well, in my age and my experience tells me that we cannot value hardship if we keep begging and keep relying to people in return we are just a bunch of laid back people depending on other form of resources. That is why, law is a law. It is my upmost protocol to follow the company rules and regulations.

8. What is your reason to be a gm on this server and what can you do for the server? (event wise + any additions)
Well, life so boring. After working straight for 15days no days off, cmon man? im used in working but there are times or the other half of the calendar is im free so it bores the hell out of me. And im damn old, i cannot appreciate other games. I only appreciate this Flyff game coz its fun to look at the numbers running up ( the damage numbers ) i mean. So, i have experience in Jagex as a Game Mod, back end game developer and back end police game mod, so I wanna apply to this game to improve a better community.

9. Any other type of information you would like to express about yourself..
Well, im a chat box but i can read peoples motives. I was once a technical support in Dell Computers, i have back ground in Photoshop since 2007 and doing graphic designs since 2007. You can visit my FB at https://www.facebook.com/JarzEtcobanez and http://jarzseald.deviantart.com/ for you to view my artwork. I've done some C4D design for forum modifications 4years ago. I'm also a Sun Life Financial Advisor, not just a Game Moderator experience but also in Business/ Stock Market/ Financial Advisor. Means to say, im old.

Hoping a word from you.

If you're up to Business Investment in terms of Real Estate investment then you can contact me at the details below:

Sincerely yours,

Ruff Jarreau Etcobanez
Property Specialist
Ayala Land Inc,
Email: [email protected]
Deviantart: http://jarzseald.deviantart.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JarzEtcobanez