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Forum Rules

In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

General Rules
These rules count for all of Insanity FlyFF contents. This includes the Forum Chat, the Forums and In Game.

Scamming includes the following: Misleading shop titles, asking another player to purchase something for IP and backing out, Placing Penya in the trade window instead of Perin when agreed upon, Stealing items from scammed accounts (only if enough proof is provided against you), Scamming the staff (individual rule listed below).

Asking/trying to persuade another player to give you their password or bank PIN for any reason is against the rules and will not be tolerated. Players must not scam or deceive other players. Misleading other players for your own personal gain is not in the spirit of fair play.

The Use of Macros/Third-party Software
Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in the game may not be used. This includes automation tools, macros, bots, auto-typers.

Account Sharing
Account sharing is allowed. However, if anything may happen to the designated account the staff is not responsible and the staff does not have to take any actions.

This includes the lost of items, deletion of items, changes of account information and everything else that belongs to the account.

Real Money Trading/Trading Between Games
ANY trading, buying or selling between a game which is not Insanity FlyFF ( is not allowed and sanctions will follow.

Offering real money for items, accounts, 3rd party content or anything related to Insanity FlyFF and its contents is not allowed.
This includes the buying/selling/trading within the game Insanity FlyFF.

Bug Exploiting
Players must not use or attempt to use any cheats or errors which they may find in our software. Any exploits a player finds must be immediately reported to our help ticket system.

Keep in mind that players can be banned for spreading information about exploits. With the proper proof provided.

Staff Impersonation
Players must not attempt to impersonate Insanity staff in any way, for any reason.

Insanity staff can be easily spotted by their GM Logo which belongs to the Insanity Guild.

Advertising/Denouncing Of The Server
Players should refrain from advertising in game, chat or our forums. This includes advertising any website or product. To protect all our players we have made the decision that no web addresses are allowed to be linked in game.

Denouncing the server in any way, shape or form is not tolerated.

Respect/Inappropriate Language
Players of Insanity Flyff come from all around the world and from a range cultural and religious backgrounds. Our mission is to create a fun and engaging game for all our players, therefore language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chat or as a username. Spreading any personal information of players without permission of said player is not allowed.

We encourage players that experience language they deem to be offensive to use their ignore list and chat filters to customise their experience. All players can be reported on our Forums at any time. You can find our Report Player section on the forums under Player Support.

Drop/Kill Stealing
Drop/kill stealing of those who are not in your party is not allowed for BOSSES only. If the "Kill stealing" player is in your party, it is not seen as kill stealing and will be ignored as a report.

The only exception to this rule is PK channel. In the PK channel Drop and Kill Stealing is allowed.

Staff Begging
Begging a staff member for items, penya or anything game/forum/chat related is not allowed.

Attempt to Scam Staff of Items/Credit
Any attempt to use fake screenshots to gain either items, IP or VP will result in a perm ban. This falls under general scamming and staff begging.

AFK Farming
AFK farming means the following: Leveling, Item collection, Penya/Perin collection, Leveling weapon/shield, Looting in general.

AFK actually means away from the game/keyboard. This means if you are using an object to hold down your skill to AoE and you walk away from your game, you will be banned. This means that if you are standing around with a pet out and looting other players items, then you will be banned. This also means that if you attack a monster to level your shield and alt tab/walk away from your keyboard, then you will be banned.

Depending on how often you do this or the duration in which you do this action will depend on how long the ban will last. First offense 3 day ban, Second offense 7 day ban, Third will result in a perm. The staff will be the judge on the severity of said punishment.

Offensive Usernames
A player reported for having an offensive username will be asked to rename. We will provide the rename ticket in order to do this. Such things also include names that might be mistaken for staff impersonation. Keep in mind that if you refuse to change your name on request you will be banned. If you take the item without actually using it, you will be banned.

Spamming Chats
Spamming means the following: Spamming a players whisper/say, general chat, a staff member, a private shop.

All of these fall under a possible warning or ban depending on the severity of said rule. Players that spam in attempt to disconnect a fellow player will be banned without a warning.

Kill Stealing
Kill stealing is something we can not prevent on the server. Go to Server 2 [PK Server] to kill them. If it's an boss that is being KS'ed screenshot it all and report it to us on the ticket service. We don't warn we go straight to a 3day ban.

Forum Specific Rules
These rules count for the Forums.

Main Language
Our Forums are English based. English must be spoken at all time. This includes text in Signatures, Avatars and Forum Profiles.

Any other language may only be spoken through Private Messages.

Spamming Multiple Threads
Creating more than one thread on the same subject will result in an auto close and a warning. The second thread created regarding the same topic will result in a 24hour forum ban. Any further attempts to spam threads will result in up to a 7day ban.

Correct Use Of Forums And Sub-Forums
Any new threads created must be posted in their designated section. If you are not sure where to post, use the search option or PM one of the staff members.

Post Report
Every post has a Report Post button on the top right corner. Use this if you think the selected post is violating any of our rules.

Marketplace And Price Check
Each member can only have ONE thread in the Marketplace. The use of different forum accounts to by-pass this rule is not allowed. "Guild" selling threads are not allowed. You can only sell your own items.

If your Marketplace thread may need a thread-title change, can be done by PMing a staff member.

You can have as many threads in Price Check as you want. However, threads posted within 24 hours of each other will be seen as spam and will be removed. The member shall receive a warning/ban where needed.

In Possession Of More Than One Forum Account
The possession of more than one forum account is not allowed. This is to keep everything as clear as possible. Once you are banned you are not allowed to create a new account. Any secondary accounts will be banned.

False Reporting
False reporting is frowned upon and actions will be taken against the reporter.

Sexual Images
Images that clearly show pornographic visuals must be removed. This means that if you have a picture of a male or female all private locations must be fully covered. This includes the colored areas around nipples. We'd like to keep our forum youth friendly and refrain from having such images.

The refusal of removing such images will result in a force removal. If you put the images back your account will be banned and images removed. If you come back from your ban and continue to place such images then your account will be confiscated from you and you will no longer be allowed to use our forum.

Forum Chat Specific Rules
These rules count for the Forum Chat.

Main Language
Our Forums are English based. English must be spoken at all time. This includes text in Signatures, Avatars and Forum Profiles.

Any other language may only be spoken through Private Messages.

Buying/selling and trading is strictly forbidden in this chat. This can only be done in the Marketplace section.
This includes price checking. This is not allowed and can only be done in the Price Check section.

Spamming/flooding the chat window is not allowed. Players should refrain from spamming, as it can be detrimental to others enjoyment of chat system. This includes Emoticon spam.