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30th October 2014, 07:44 AM
These suggestions are very practical for, if not all, then most players so I hope they get looked into. These are in order from most important to least important. (Well by my understanding anyway. If anyone disagrees feel free to do so)

[# 1]
Changing the shortcut key, which is the letter C, for changing the map from being clickable to non-clickable and vice-versa to something else which doesn't have a function because as some players may have noticed by now... it's annoying when doing dungeons which are unfamiliar with the map. because we frequently need to open and close the map in the dungeon and we need to press C when we open it again after killing mobs so we can change the map to the dungeon we're in and we have to press C again to make it transparent and non-clickable again so we can leave it open while going through the dungeon (i.e. Temple of Behemoth/Ankou's Asylum, Dreadful Cave/Crystal Catacombs & Kalgas Cave)

(If ever this gets approved or you guys look into this I suggest using either R, V or Z since those are closer to the left hand and most of us are used to left hand for the keyboard, but if you have to use another letter for a good reason that's also okay. As long as it gets implemented.)

[# 2]
Also the idea of whenever in uncommon maps (i.e. Azria, Traseia, inside one of the dungeons, etc...) if it's possible that when we open the map it goes directly to whichever dungeon or map we're in.

[# 3]
If it's possible for the character pointer to show on the map in uncommon maps (i.e. Azria, Traseia, inside one of the dungeons, etc...) also like it does on the normal maps (i.e. Flaris, SaintMorning, Darkon 1, etc...) and also show where co-party members are. That'd be great.

[# 4]
Making it so that we don't click on the ground whenever we move the chatbox, system log or any other things on the screen that make us click the ground whenever we click on them to move them or something. If the chatbox would stay where it was the last time I logged in and stays how it looked like when I left it... that'd be great.

[# 5]
Letting us have the option to make the shortcut bars (i.e. Alt 1 - 0, F1 - F10, etc...) either landscape or portrait so that we can have more options on where to put them. Just like the buff bar where buffs like Cannonball, Beefup, etc... are where we just double click it and it changes from landscape to portrait and vice-versa.
(It doesn't really have to be double click. If a new on-screen function button or whatever needs to be input to make this possible. I don't really care as long as it happens, so long as it doesn't cause shortcut key conflicts)

[# 6]
Giving us the option to not look like a psykeeper and float and keep the classes' original battle stance when wearing wingmasks.

[# 7]
Meme emoticons. Well...
They're just possibly fun to watch. xD
Just thought I'd throw it in there.


30th October 2014, 03:38 PM
#2 i like this :D so +1
#3 +1 here too since im not so familiar with all the dungeons only kalgas actually
#5 I dont get your really point , but yeah i like to ahve more shorcut keys. +1
#6 its is possible not flaot by clickin/using the comman or something . Press "O" then click the first icon, Called"Combant Stance".

30th October 2014, 03:51 PM
These Suggestions i completely disagree with... almost every player with experience knows about the C Problem and man u can google dungeon Maps cause they are mostly better than the ingame maps and if u did a dungoen twice already u mostly know the way without a map i almost never Use the map only for buffpang TP.
Only Point wich makes sence for me is the Position of the Chatbox and the Groundclicking thing. So only +1 for that the rest is just unnecessary

30th October 2014, 04:08 PM
I have no real comments about some of these but I'll comment on the ones I do.

1. Like mentioned everyone knows the C trick. No need to change it. Not to mention if you personally have issues with it. Click on that lovely S in the middle of the roulette and drag it to your hotbar and use a hot key instead of C for fighting. Everyone knows that as well.

4. This is something even in real flyff. Not really something we can fix.

5. The UI doesn't allow for us to do that. Sorry.

6. I've told Hells this countless time but everytime he changes it so it looks slightly different. He likes it so it will remain. Just go to "O" and then click combat stance. That's the only thing you can do.

7. Provide the images you'd like in emote size and we will add them.

18th November 2014, 09:51 PM
u cant be serious about that every1 know the c.. there will always be new players and lets face it we dont want to answer every newcomers questions, why not make a "book" with info about some stuff u want to know that u get when u make a new char? that will answer the most general questions that u keep seeing newcomers shouting out in town?

18th April 2015, 10:20 PM