View Full Version : Alteration of drops&collecting

30th June 2016, 06:25 PM
As attempt to make a better economy i would like to suggest the following.
Nerfing cess drop rate in cove is the first step: because.. , as it is now buying via ip cess is not an alternative of farming cove,let alone the thought process of buying via ip wont even cross your mind,you need to work harder to get +20 xtal.
2, removing treasure chests from npcs+removing key boxes from collecting.
Because.. people just buy 10k+ bkbs..
For like 20p,and end up getting 100k rc at some point..400% profit.
Its flooding rc in market and lowering its price,if bosses would drop more keys..
People would start farming treasure chests from mobs and would boss for keys, as for now people just solo cove.. with every character possible.
And this along with the suggestion of madhatter with the blue chips would cause a good change i believe

1st July 2016, 05:30 PM
I think this will be considered in Kirk's next patch. Nevertheless i agree with a lot of what you said.