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  1. Tony looking
  2. Looking for possible guild....
  3. Hi! :D
  4. Looking for a friendly nice good German Guild
  5. Looking for guildies :3
  6. Looking for an active guild.
  7. Looking for a dutch guild, or dutch members to create our own dutch guild!
  8. Looking for a dutch guild, or dutch members to create our own dutch guild!
  9. looking for a pve boss hunting guild
  10. LF English Speaking Guild :D
  11. Looking for guild
  12. Looking for a guild.
  13. Looking for casual guild
  14. Looking for casual, pve guild
  15. Looking For Guild.
  16. Looking For Guild.
  17. Looking For Guild.
  18. Looking for guild
  19. Looking For Friendly Guild
  20. Looking for a active PVE guild
  21. Looking for Guild to Join
  22. Froggy's looking for a friendly guild.
  23. looking for a very nice guild
  24. lvl 185 crackshooter here
  25. どうぞよろしく!
  26. Im looking for some Pals :)
  27. Looking for a guild to call home :)
  28. Hi.
  29. Yow !
  30. Seeking...
  31. Hello, Seeking a Player Friendly Guild!
  32. I need Pinoy Guild
  33. new player, level 211 blade looking for a player friendly guild
  34. Newbie LF Guild!
  35. Hello looking for guild
  36. Ready to start over - LF guild
  37. Arcanist here LF friendly & active guild
  38. [Seeking] Guild
  39. I like rabbits.. I mean,
  40. Looking for nice English guild ^^
  41. Looking for fun, active english guild
  42. Looking for friendly , helpful and that runs dungeon together
  43. YouTuber Looking for | Active | Kind | English | Advanced Guild
  44. Looking for Guild. ^-^
  45. Looking for a Guild
  46. Looking for a guild
  47. Looking for a Guild
  48. Looking to join a guild
  49. Looking for italian or german guild
  50. Looking for active English guild
  51. Looking for active and friendly guild
  52. Guild Application
  53. Looking for a friendly Guild
  54. Seeking a active friendly guild
  55. Stole Seeking Pro Guild
  56. Slashinvite me
  57. Looking for a Siege Guild
  58. Red looking for a guild!
  59. Apathy187
  60. Looking for a Guild
  61. Looking for a Friendly Guild
  62. Looking :)
  63. Looking for active and friendly guild!
  64. ::^{(Seeking Active Cool Mostly English Speaking Guild)}^::
  65. HI Looking for a friends to chat with
  66. I want to join TWINS GUILD
  67. In Need
  68. Deutsche Gilde
  69. Looking for English Speaking Guild.
  70. Looking for a German(or perhaps english) guild
  71. Looking for a guild to join
  72. Heya ;D
  73. New to the server looking for active, talkative guild to join
  74. Looking for a guild
  75. Looking for some Fun Guild ^^
  76. Ryan (Aloha)
  77. Looking for a Friendly and active GUILD
  78. Oddest Seeking!!!! P.S I'm not Odd
  79. Seeking for a Friendly, Helpful and Active Guild! :)
  80. Finding a clan fit for a newbie
  81. Looking for a vary active guild.
  82. Hello! :)
  83. Looking for a Semi-Decent Active Guild
  84. Looking for sociable and active guild
  85. Siege Seraph looking for a Guild! :)
  86. i just need somebody to play with
  87. [GER/ENG] Experienced P-Flyff player seeking for guild
  88. Noob in flyff looking for latin guild to learn more about the game
  89. New player looking for a friendly and fun guild!
  90. Experienced E-Flyff and P-Flyff Player LF Active and Dungeon Guild
  91. New Player :)
  92. Ready to make the leap
  93. Looking for Friendly Casual Guild
  94. Looking for a guild
  95. need pvp guild invite :D
  97. Lf Latin Clan
  98. Looking for Siege guild that needs a Seraph
  99. Looking for a nice guild
  100. Filipino/English/Friendly "Farming" Guild
  101. Seeking Friendly and Active Guild
  102. seeking a guild that isa active
  103. Seeking for nice guild
  104. Looking for a casual guild.
  105. Seeking a casual guild
  106. Looking for Active Pve/Social Guild
  107. PVE GUILD.
  108. Seeking Active Guild
  109. Looking for a activ guild :P
  110. Looking for a guild to join
  111. New, Looking for PvE people.
  112. Looking for GW/Siege Guild
  113. looking for a casual guild
  114. Looking for friendly active guild
  115. Looking for active german guild
  116. Seeking Guild
  117. looking for a German Guilde!!
  118. NewB looking for a GERMAN Pvp/Pve Guild :)
  119. lf guild
  120. Returning Player - Looking for fun and active guild
  121. Hi guys.
  122. Guild for me ???
  123. Looking for guild
  124. Hai Hai....
  125. Red is looking for a Guild :)
  126. New player Seeking a Friendly guild.
  127. Zelgadus (back from the dead)
  128. [GER/ENG] Looking for Guild
  129. [FR/ENG]
  130. Looking for a guild
  131. Looking for a english talkactive guild
  132. Looking for guild
  133. Seraph Looking For a Home
  134. Anyone willing to adopt a lonely Seraph ~(T-T)~
  135. Noob looking for guild
  136. Looking for guild
  137. LF a guild! I am homeless atm :/
  138. LF Active and friendly Guild
  139. Seraph and Slayer, LF guild
  140. invites please
  141. looking for a guild
  142. Kojiharu is looking for a guild :3
  143. Seek for active german party!
  144. Are there any Germans?
  145. english speaker looking for active guild
  146. Pinoy Guild
  147. Big request
  148. Looking to Join a Guild and Make some Friends
  149. Looking too join an active Guild
  150. Packers Ravens doing nothing in gold during the Middle Ages
  151. Hi guys! I need a guild.. Its so lonely out there...
  152. Looking for a nice guild
  153. LF Fun Guild
  154. Looking for an active guild who is willing to help newb/noob player like me!
  155. New player looking for active, fun guild.
  156. Returning player looking for an active and helping guild
  157. New german player looking for a guid
  158. New player from Philippines looking for an active guild
  159. New Player looking for Guild
  160. Slayer looking for a guild to do siege and secret room
  161. Looking for guild(:
  162. Looking for PVE based Guild :)